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Sep 1

Raspbian (Jessie) netinstall on Raspberry Pi

I came across this project and managed to sucessfully use it to install a minimal Raspbian installation.If you are like me and looking to skim the fat out of the original SD card installation of Raspbian then this blog walks you through how to go about doing it. Pre-installation step Prerequisites SD Card of least 4GB size Familiarity of OS you are using to execute below steps Format the SD …



Oct 20

XFCE on Debian

I have been a Debian user for more than 10 years now and like many others linux/alternative OS enthusiasts have tried, retried many other OSes and always return back to my Debian home. Below is my experience of setting up minimalistic desktop environment for productivity and ease of use. Disclaimer: I’m assuming following bits about the reader i.e. you’re good at or least comfortable …



Aug 27

Apache in Debian based systems

Its been over 10 years now since, I started using Debian. I have got used to its organisation so much that I tear my hair often when I have to work with other distros. But I have to agree that its the same with guys from other side of fence. Hence I’m putting my understanding of how Debian Apache HTTPD or in package terms “apache2” is organised. This should be handy if you have …


May 24

GeoIP mod and Named Virtual Hosts

Problem: I have a multi-site Apache web-server, hosting localised copies of the site for many countries. I would like customer visiting the site to be automatically re-directed to their country specific site. Something similar to google, where if you visit you will be re-directed to country specific site in my case it is Solution: As the heading says, I will be …


Apr 16

Managing mixed Debian packages using APT pinning

I use Debian “stable” as my primary Linux OS. Anyone using Debian stable would know getting the latest and greatest package you really need is bit of a nuisance. If you are in this situation i.e. looking to upgrade just a package from a different repository here is how to do it. APT pinning is a way to have a mixed package system (i.e. packages installed from different repositories) …



Aug 27

Postfix smarthost with SMTP authentication

Problem I’m facing is that emails from my Debian box is not sent outside of my local network. Glad I found the solution and here is how to go about it. This solution applies to following issues Setting up a smarthost to send emails using a authenticated SMTP servers (like Gmail, AOL & Yahoo!) You have a *nix box and want to backup status emails to be sent external (outside your LAN) …



Jul 24

Howto Netboot SunBlade 100

I recently bought sun blade 100 of eBay for throw away price, as I was curious to explore SPARC based systems as I more used to x86. To put in short, I was new to this architecture; here are some of the difference that I found rather interesting or boring however you choose to look at BIOS == OpenBoot OpenBoot is equivalent to BIOS, and it’s far away from those familiar curser based …


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