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Sep 16

How to recover a forgotten iPhone restictions passcode!

Anyone who has screen the screen below would exactly know what I’m talking about. Like everyone, googled for answers and most suggestions were to reset iPhone and load using backup. Here is an alternative way of successfully retrieving the passcode without involving reset. First make a backup of your iPhone or iPad using the iTunes and make sure you backup locally i.e. to the computer …



Jan 16

Apps Apps Apps

I joined the cult of Steve Jobs with early 2011 MacBook Pro. Mac OSX comes with a host of default apps that do a great job for normal user. But if you are edging towards a power user this apps might come in handy. Most of the apps noted below are free and I use them often. If you have any apps you would recommend, leave a comment. General Apps: Text Editor : TextWrangler



Jan 18

How to use built in VNC client on Mac

If you are boxed into thinking about installing a VNC client for Mac; then this post if for you. I was exactly under the same impression until Google about it a bit more. Good news is OSX comes with built in application to access remote desktop over VNC. But to access the application you have two choices. Assuming your VNC server is running on server Using Finder 1. Open finder and go …



May 25

MacBook Pro and Debian key-map

I recently had to install Debian on VMware Fusion (a product similar to VirtualBox) for the work I was doing. Everything went smooth until I started using the command line. My favourite key on *nix world ‘THE PIPE’ wasn’t mapped correctly. It easy to correct and this is how its done. Install console-data package and configure the key-map with the right type. As I use MacBook Pro …


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