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Oct 12

Apache load balancer for Tomcat

This is a follow-up post to my earlier one apache and tomcat. You could read more about the Tomcat clustering here which describes a more detailed view of load balancing and persistent sessions with-in-memory session replication and so on. But in this post, I will discuss a basic load balancing solution with sample working solution. The mod_proxy module can also be used for load balancing but will …


Oct 12

Apache and Tomcat

Tomcat application server is good at serving dynamic content. Though it can serve static content too, it’s generally left to the Web servers to do the job as its lightweight and specialised. Hence most Java-based web application would generally involve Apache to serve static content while dynamic content is left to Tomcat. Integration between Apache and Tomcat can be done using the JK …



Aug 27

Apache in Debian based systems

Its been over 10 years now since, I started using Debian. I have got used to its organisation so much that I tear my hair often when I have to work with other distros. But I have to agree that its the same with guys from other side of fence. Hence I’m putting my understanding of how Debian Apache HTTPD or in package terms “apache2” is organised. This should be handy if you have …


May 24

GeoIP mod and Named Virtual Hosts

Problem: I have a multi-site Apache web-server, hosting localised copies of the site for many countries. I would like customer visiting the site to be automatically re-directed to their country specific site. Something similar to google, where if you visit www.google.com you will be re-directed to country specific site in my case it is www.google.co.uk Solution: As the heading says, I will be …


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