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Apr 16

Managing mixed Debian packages using APT pinning

I use Debian “stable” as my primary Linux OS. Anyone using Debian stable would know getting the latest and greatest package you really need is bit of a nuisance. If you are in this situation i.e. looking to upgrade just a package from a different repository here is how to do it. APT pinning is a way to have a mixed package system (i.e. packages installed from different repositories) …



Aug 27

Postfix smarthost with SMTP authentication

Problem I’m facing is that emails from my Debian box is not sent outside of my local network. Glad I found the solution and here is how to go about it. This solution applies to following issues Setting up a smarthost to send emails using a authenticated SMTP servers (like Gmail, AOL & Yahoo!) You have a *nix box and want to backup status emails to be sent external (outside your LAN) …


Jul 20

FTP Server on Mac OSX Lion

I was one of the earlier birds to adopt Mac OSX Lion. Bad luck after upgrade, FTP service stopped working, as I need it for my current work found this way to enable and run it. Create a “Sharing Only” account Go to “Advanced Options… " and edit Login Shell from “/bin/false” to “/bin/bash” and Home directory to the location of your choice …



Jul 24

Howto Netboot SunBlade 100

I recently bought sun blade 100 of eBay for throw away price, as I was curious to explore SPARC based systems as I more used to x86. To put in short, I was new to this architecture; here are some of the difference that I found rather interesting or boring however you choose to look at BIOS == OpenBoot OpenBoot is equivalent to BIOS, and it’s far away from those familiar curser based …


Jul 8

How to upgrade HTC Hero to Android 2.1 (Orange UK contract phone)

Like most of HTC Hero users, I was keen on getting an update on my Orange HTC Hero phone. But was disappointed when I came to know it won’t be released until Orange releases their version of the firmware. I have spent days looking at breaking this, below is the way I achieved it Call orange on 150 and ask your phone to be unlocked, I was in 7th month of my contract and agreed to pay £20 …


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