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September 27, 2018

Blogging Reignited

This is the third (re)launch of my blog site and hopefully will make enough time this time to pin my thoughts often. I started to write about my experience back in 2010 on I got on to blogger as I was using Google services a lot. Few years down the line WordPress appealed as it was easier to write and format, as it offered a better WYSIWYG editor compared to blogger. Even that seems a long-drawn-out task as I see it now as you are still left to think about formatting and how your page renders.

This time around I was looking at a way to write posts in platform agnostic way. Research landed me to Hugo which is a static website generator that uses Markdown files as its inputs. Hence joined its bandwagon for two reasons one I own what I write and second if I come across something better I can migrate easily.

To stand up this blog I have done some unique things, like write a custom Hugo theme and hosting AWS infrastructure as code (IaC). It’s been few months journey to reach here which I enjoyed immensely and hopefully you the reader would come back to this site often to get a piece of my mind :)

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