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August 5, 2012

Google Music from UK

I recently bought Nexus7 from Google Play. It’s an amazing tablet for the price. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend you to give it a try. Google sell it as one stop device for all the content they offer online. But one thing thats missing for us on the other side of atlantic is the ability to use Google Music which is at the moment available only in US. Google as I understand are restricted buy contractual obligations from music studios to offer the same service outside of US. Anyway all that crap for non-techie’s let get hacking…

If you visit from UK and your account (Google account) isn’t enabled for music service you would get a nice statement from Google that the service is only for US. If you have read my earlier sentence carefully you would by now know that its just getting your account enabled for music to access the service. So how to go about doing it?


Option 2: Same as above rather than installing application on your Mac/PC do it with browser plugin. I use Chrome as browser of choice and the plugin called ProxySwitchySharp allowing me to switch proxy servers. Once I have signed up for the service. I can access it without proxy. Simples :)

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