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Feb 21

Cross compiling Rust using Docker

If you are reading this blog, you are probably looking for ways to cross-compile Rust; into another target platform other than the one you are coding. If you are then, you are in for a slice of my take on how I have achieved it. A solution, as you may have probably guessed from the title, is to use Docker. I start up a local Docker container with all the necessary tools and cross-build …



Sep 30

Journey to OCMJEA (SCEA)

A desire to achieve this Architect certification started sometime around 2007 when I started to pursue Sun Certified Java Programmer 5.0 (SCJP). Those days on the Sun site they had this certification path that showed three layers, the bottom one being the SCJP and middle tier with SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD and top tier being SCEA. I remember saying to myself what would it take to get there, little did I …


Sep 27

Blogging Reignited

This is the third (re)launch of my blog site and hopefully will make enough time this time to pin my thoughts often. I started to write about my experience back in 2010 on I got on to blogger as I was using Google services a lot. Few years down the line WordPress appealed as it was easier to write and format, as it offered a better WYSIWYG editor compared to blogger.



Sep 16

How to recover a forgotten iPhone restictions passcode!

Anyone who has screen the screen below would exactly know what I’m talking about. Like everyone, googled for answers and most suggestions were to reset iPhone and load using backup. Here is an alternative way of successfully retrieving the passcode without involving reset. First make a backup of your iPhone or iPad using the iTunes and make sure you backup locally i.e. to the computer …



Jan 16

Apps Apps Apps

I joined the cult of Steve Jobs with early 2011 MacBook Pro. Mac OSX comes with a host of default apps that do a great job for normal user. But if you are edging towards a power user this apps might come in handy. Most of the apps noted below are free and I use them often. If you have any apps you would recommend, leave a comment. General Apps: Text Editor : TextWrangler



Sep 1

Raspbian (Jessie) netinstall on Raspberry Pi

I came across this project and managed to sucessfully use it to install a minimal Raspbian installation.If you are like me and looking to skim the fat out of the original SD card installation of Raspbian then this blog walks you through how to go about doing it. Pre-installation step Prerequisites SD Card of least 4GB size Familiarity of OS you are using to execute below steps Format the SD …


Aug 30

Amazon Route53 for Dynamic DNS

In my earlier blog DNS: All you need to know, I had pen down my thoughts about how DNS services are generally sliced in the industry. This blog is a continuation of it detailing how Dynamic DNS service could be utilised between three different service providers. Below was my previous setup: ISP BT (British Telecom) is my ISP. As since I’m a residential broadband customer, I don’t have …


Jul 30

DNS: All you need to know

I have been a long time user of Dynamic DNS service provided by the DynDNS. I had no issue with using their service until they stopped their free offering. I have continued with them for about a year and since it’s coming up to renew, I started looking at alternatives and here is a brief blog about my learning in hope that it could be beneficial to someone in same boat.



Aug 2

Keytool : Certification management utility for Java

Keytool is a secure socket layer certification management utility included in JDK and manages Java KeyStore (JKS). JKS is a repository of security certificates, either authorization certificates or public key certificates used for instance in SSL encryption. It also allows the user to manage their own public/private key-pairs and certificates. KeyStore You might hear alternative name called …


Apr 19

JNDI Tutorial preparations - missing steps

Hope this blog helps anyone looking at running through Sun/Oracle JNDI tutorials. I had to troubleshot to get the samples running and hence putting this blog to help anyone in similar situation. I was running the samples on ApacehDS LDAP server, hence had to make few changes before the tutorial.ldif loaded correctly. Below is the exact steps I had to follow to make it work. Download and install …


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